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Welcome to RefugeesWork - where you can find a remote IT work and get paid no matter where you live. All you need to do is, to create a profile and apply for the remote IT jobs.

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For Asylum Seekers (refugees in a pending asylum procedure), volunteering is one option to work in companies and NGOs. Recognized Refugees & people granted subsidiary protection have Free Access to the Labour Market. They do not face any restrictions and can find a job, start Freelancing or can start with their Small Business.

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We partner with a range of organizations, including nonprofits, schools and incubators. These organizations are united by a strong commitment to serving the needs of vulnerable and/or excluded populations, either through offering help with space and mentorship or with connecting newcomers to the market opportunities.


All our projects are made with zero budget so with pure love and dedication for our mission:
open source & transparency, inclusiveness, digital literacy and open organization.

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